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NOTICE - New date for Prayer Vigil - April 3, 2015

Please note that the prayer vigil will take place on Good Friday (April 3) instead of Ash Wednesday (February 18). Contact the Church office if you have any questions.


Is it Lent?

What a weird Lent. Lent usually begins with our Ash Wednesday prayer vigil. When we were snowed out of that important prayer time then everything else seemed off kilter. Our schedules for things we do, like our Pastor's classes have also been complicated by the snow.

Well, we finally have the purple cloth on the communion table and we're working on getting our minds focused on this holy season of preparation. If you grew up in some other church you may not have heard about Lent when you were growing up. We at Bon Air Christian Church aren't exactly a high liturgical church but Lent is certainly a meaningful time for us.

Lent invites us to do some spring-cleaning of the soul. You know how it is when you're busy and tending to many things you might not really notice the cobweb growing in the corner or the dust bunny under the bed until you begin spring-cleaning. It's that glorious time of washing things that haven't been washed for a little while. My mother-in-law, Dot Dutrow, use to wash the walls and the ceilings. I tried to steer clear of her house during this rather manic time.

Lent actually comes from an Old English word meaning "spring". It speaks about the days getting longer. We're all ready for that, right? We also seek to be ready for Holy Week. We spend 40 days (not counting Sundays, which are feast days) getting out the cobwebs and the dust bunnies that pollute our souls. Those require even more attention. For that clean up job we need prayer, and lots of it. We need to find ourselves immersed in God's word. We need disciplines that remind us of the sacrificial love of Jesus.


So even if you didn't get started on Ash Wednesday, it's not too late. It's never too late to ponder the amazing grace, the wondrous love poured out on our behalf. If giving up tv, or chocolate or broccoli causes you to think about Jesus' walk to the cross then by all means, give it up. If practicing a discipline of daily random acts of kindness then give all the kindness you have. Find some way to remember. Find some way to focus your thoughts, your prayers and your life on the one who bears the cross on our behalf.

So even if were late to get in gear and focused, Jesus is always glad to welcome prodigals home.t.

Shalom, Cindy    Butterfly

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