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Last year when Sandy asked "what would you like to do on your sabbatical?" I said, "be normal". Well, I don't know if I'm normal but I have greatly appreciated the opportunity to do things that many folks take for granted that are exceedingly difficult to do as the pastor of a church. I have truly loved sitting in a pew. It has been moving and meaningful to sing songs, pray prayers and enjoy the sacred quietness in worship without needing to think about "what next?"

I have enjoyed traveling. I've enjoyed being with family and friends and not having to rush off and be somewhere else. It has been a joy to "be present" and not planning the next thing. This month I visited the Smithsonian Native American museum, the World War II Memorial in Bedford, enjoyed family time at the Shenandoah River and contemplated God's amazing creation at the beach.

I attended a Silent Retreat at Richmond Hill. It's something I think we should all do. I remember years ago one of my clergy friends saying that would be severe punishment for him. Something extraordinary happens when we give ourselves over to being with God in silence. Someone once said, "Silence teaches us who we are". I'd say "silence teaches us whose we are." We come to know the strength of the indwelling God. We come to know ourselves as God's own. Sometimes it is tumultuous as we confront those things we carefully avoid but then there is great peace as we confront those things we carefully avoid. Only when we make peace with the storms that rage within will we find the calming presence of the Holy One birthed anew in us.

One of the quotes I love in the Smithsonian's Native American museum is:
To be Anishinaabe is to understand your place in all creation.
We are spiritual beings on a human journey.
Everything in the Anishinaabe world is alive.
Everything has a spirit And everything is interconnected." – (Carry Raven)

We are all connected. We need each other. I have missed you and look forward to seeing you in September. I am grateful to you and for you. I am thankful for the ways our lives have been linked to one another and look forward to the ways God will work through us in the days to come.


Cindy     Butterfly

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