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General Assembly

Listening to sermons isn't something I get to do very often. 7 am is early for sermonizing and early for attentive listening to a sermon. I have to say at the Ministers and mates breakfast, I was fed. The eggs were okay but the real nourishment was for my soul. David Shire spoke about those times in ministry when you wonder if what you're doing with your life makes any difference. He spoke personally about those times when discouragement cloaks our joy and makes us want to throw in the towel - those times when you've poured all of yourself into birthing a sermon only to have someone go out and say "you mispronounced this word". Those times when you've tried to move the church into new visionary ministries only to have people say they like the old way, thank you very much. He spoke about how we ministers need to keep the fire of our own spirits kindled. He spoke about self care.

It was touching as David recounted his own struggles in ministry. We all left with the good news of hope.

I heard incredibly beautiful music and truly felt lifted into God's holy presence. I also heard some deafeningly loud contemporary songs that made me weary.

I heard some sadness and discouragement at the decline of the universal church. I also heard challenges for us to reclaim our calling. We were challenged to put "mission first".

George learned about our Global Ministries and Brenda Kidd participated in a mission project that provided 42,000 lbs. of potatoes to local food pantries. We all enjoyed fellowship and friendship with Disciples from all across our world.

The theme was "Soar". How will Bon Air Christian Church soar? What does the future hold? Do we trust that God can and will lift us up as on eagle's wing? Today can God's love soar into people's lives because you share it. We have been bountifully and graciously blessed. How will we pass these blessings along to others in need. When we touch the lives of others with kindness and love, the Holy Spirit of God soars.

Shalom, Cindy    Butterfly

Bon Air Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)