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NOTICE - New date for Prayer Vigil - April 3, 2015

Please note that the prayer vigil will take place on Good Friday (April 3) instead of Ash Wednesday (February 18). Contact the Church office if you have any questions.


Dear friends,
One of the all time cutest moments was Sunday when Reese Blanchard was helping light the altar candles with Jason Williams. Reese was so attentive. She lit her candle, handed the lighter to Jason, who lit his candle. She took the candle lighter and showed him how you pull back on the lever to extinguish the fire and then push out the wick so the wax doesn't get stuck in the barrel. There's more to this whole candle lighting thing then we might imagine. I loved the way she carefully showed him the "how to details. I thought about the first time she went up to light the candles and her big brother Logan helped her. One person teaches another person who teaches another person.<.

That's how we live our faith. One person tells another person who tells another person. In meetings recently we've talked about how we found Bon Air Christian Church. Two people said, "Dot Morrison invited me." Two other people said they had come because of their children. Some of our friends were brought here by their parents and what a gift to give to your children! What a priceless gift to give your friends, to your children and to your family.

I know sometimes it's hard to roll out of bed and even harder to get your kids up and ready for church on a Sunday morning. And yet being in worship is so essential for our Christian faith. Here, gathered as the body of Christ we find our sustenance as we are fed by the Word of God, nourished by the words of hymns and if we open our hearts carried by God's spirit into the presence of the Holy One.

As we study God's word together we come to a deeper understanding of who God is and how God is acting in our lives. As we do God's work together we become the hands of Christ reaching into a hurting world. As we worship we are being transformed into God's holy people of love.

I am thankful for all those who have passed the messages of God's hope and grace to me through their acts of kindness and their words of encouragement. Let us continue to pass it on. One person sharing the light with another until the world is bright.

Shalom, Cindy    Butterfly

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