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Holy is the week.

We make our way through the crowded streets of Jerusalem, seeing the joy on the faces of those who gather for the Passover celebration, seeing the scowls of the scribes and Pharisees as they mumble their disapproval. Are we mumbling too?

Holy is the week.
We gather around the table watching bread broken, wine poured. We hear talk of betrayal and denial. Is it I, Lord? Surely not me?

Holy is the week as we watch him pray in the garden. The soldiers come and Jesus is taken, whipped, mocked and crucified. How can this be?

Holy is the week as we wait. We wait for dawning hope. We wait for God's light to penetrate the darkness of our sorrow. We wait for the power of the redeeming love of Jesus to conquer our anger, our jealousy and our brokenness.

Holy is the week when we welcome the Christ into our lives and open our hearts for God to work within us; raising us from sin and darkness to light and hope. Could it be me? You came to save me?

Even now, even today God is seeking to do a new thing – here – in our own hearts. As God transforms us into his Easter people, God empowers us to be witnesses to the good news. What a joy it is to share the hope, the love and the peace that we find in the one who turns our mourning into dancing!

May the joy of our salvation through Christ abide.

Shalom, Cindy    Butterfly

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