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Ready for Worship

While reflecting on communion a minister told the story about her daughter. She said, "My daughter is three. Recently she asked me, "Mom, is Jesus real or pretend?" I said, "Jesus is real, we just can't see him all the time." She responded with the classic, "Why?" So I said, "Well, he doesn't walk around like we do, but he does live in our hearts." My daughter was quiet for a while. Then she put her hands on her chest. When I asked her what she was doing she replied, "I am trying to feel Jesus in my heart but I can't, so I think he must be in my tummy."

The minister reflected that in light of the gospel what her daughter said makes sense. "Jesus gives himself to us fully in communion. When we receive the bread and wine, we swallow a tangible promise—that we abide with Jesus and that he abides within us. That promise enters our bodies and literally becomes a part of us."

Communion for our church is the central focus of worship. Some folks come to Sunday school and "skip" worship. I would be lost without worship. How important it is to me to be in the sanctuary, to be fed week after week. To come around the table and be reminded that there is one who abides with us, who is a part of us and whom communes with us every Sunday.

Worship is that wonderful time when God's word speaks. A word of comfort, a word of challenge, a sustaining and nourishing word is given to us. Worship is that moment when God dresses us up and sends us into the world to make the world better. Worship is when we bring our whole hearts, our being, our soul and offer it to God for God's consecration.

During the silent moments of worship we offer our wordless adoration. When we sing we lift up our lives and are bathed in God's spirit. We must come ready to worship – ready to open our lives for God's transforming power, ready to hear a new word for our lives and ready to be called and sent out into ministry.

Shalom, Cindy    Butterfly

Bon Air Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)