BACC reaches out to
proclaim the Gospel,
Reaches up to worship God
and Reaches in to nurture and
grow in faith and love.


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We come together on Easter Sunday to shout into the darkness of the world that death, sadness, mourning and pain are not and will not be the final Word. We live in a world filled with challenges. We're not sure how incivility became so very popular or exactly when the wondrous value of human life became so extraordinarily expendable. We do know it is a different world that we live in than most of us remember when growing up.

We grieve that our children and our children's children are exposed to this hardness, where there's so much anger and brutality. We wonder what in the world is going on and where will it all lead.

We do know that violence isn't new. We've just journeyed through the atrocious violent death of an innocent man, who came to proclaim God's love. Cruelty and incivility aren't new. This man of love stood against the forces of hate and ultimately he showed us that life is stronger than death, that love is stronger than hate and that hope will triumph over despair.

We are God's Easter people. We are here to proclaim the hope he brings. The seed will push up from its burial ground beneath the earth. The butterfly will emerge from the cocoon. Darkness and death could not hold our Lord and Savior. God's power, God's love broke the chains of despair and frees us to love and hope. Because God is our strength and our shield we will never give up. We persevere and press on toward the upward call of Christ. Tell everyone you know that love conquers hate. Life conquers death. We believe that Jesus is the Christ, the son of the living God and we accept him as our Lord and Savior. We are Easter people because Christ lives. He lives in us and he is still bringing hope into the world.

Shalom, Cindy    Butterfly

Bon Air Christian Church