Our sanctuary

A congregation of seventy charter members formed Bon Air Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in 1963. Located at 2071 Buford Road in historic Bon Air Virginia, the sanctuary was originally built in 1882 and served as the Bon Air Union Chapel in this Victorian resort community. It is one of only two public buildings that remain from Bon Air's resort era. In 1884, the Bon Air Land and Improvement Company, which had erected the chapel, offered it to any congregation that would maintain it. Since most of the worshippers were Presbyterian, the Union Chapel became the home of the newly formed Bon Air Presbyterian congregation.

By 1890, the congregation was able to add a bell tower and two wings. The bell was used to summon help in the event of fire and to call people to worship services. Following wedding ceremonies in the church, the bride and groom would stop in the narthex to ring the bell announcing their marriage. At some point, the Ladies' Aid Society and the Sabbath School gave two stained glass windows to the church. An addition was erected in the 1940s to house Sunday School classes. In 1963 the Bon Air Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregation was formed and moved into the building.

Our Sanctuary has been renovated over recent years to meet the needs of an active and growing congregation. In 1992 a building campaign entitled "The Second Hundred Years" funded major renovations of the entire facility. A spacious fellowship hall and kitchen were built in an architectural style consistent with the unique historical character of the church building. This addition allowed the entire congregation to meet together for meals for the first time. Since it's dedication, the fellowship hall has served us well in celebration of various occasions in the lives of our members, and in the ongoing life of this church and the surrounding community. Other enhancements have included updates to the office and classroom areas. Finally, most importantly and central to our faith, a baptistery was added to the Sanctuary in 1992.

This lovely Victorian Church is a popular location for weddings. Bon Air Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) actively ministers to the surrounding community and participates in projects such as Habitat for Humanity, CARITAS, refugee resettlement, support of homeless shelters, the Christmas Mother and more. Outreach extends to the world through the missionary work of The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). In the Disciples tradition, we welcome into our membership all those who believe that Jesus is the Christ.

Bon Air Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
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